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Everyone Deserves a
Snack Break

Our mission is to boost energy and productivity within our client's workplace by adding a simple convenience: snacks!


Our Story

At Skala Industries, we're passionate about more than just vending services. Our story begins with our own experiences as office employees who struggled to find easy access to food and drinks during the workday. We know the frustration of trying to squeeze in a quick snack run during a precious break, only to return to the office disappointed by the limited options and poor quality of vending machines.


That's why we launched Vending by Skala Industries with a mission to revolutionize the break room experience. We believe that convenient access to refreshments should be a given in every workplace, so we set out to provide high-quality vending services that prioritize the needs of workers.


We know that vending machines can often be poorly stocked or outdated, which is why we're committed to offering a better solution. With our services, you can count on a wide selection of snacks and beverages, fresh and fully stocked items, and modern payment options to make your snacking experience hassle-free and enjoyable.


But our vision goes beyond just vending services. We believe that providing a positive break room experience can have a ripple effect on office productivity and morale. By keeping your employees fueled up with their favorite snacks and drinks, we're helping to create a culture of satisfaction, focus, and energy that benefits everyone in the workplace.


We founded Skala Industries with a commitment to creating a winning culture that benefits our team, our investors, and most importantly, you, our valued audience. Join us as we continue to set a new standard for vending services that prioritize your needs and revolutionize the break room experience.


Let's win together.

Our Team

Skala Industries is proud to offer Vending, backed by a dynamic executive team and an innovative strategy for success. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service and dedicated to delivering the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Nate Skala, Founder and CEO of Skala Industries

Nate Skala

Chief Executive Officer

Serving since January, 2022.

Skala Industries Secondary Logo

Richard K. Salas

Chief Legal Officer

Serving since January, 2022.

Skala Industries Secondary Logo

Patrick Skala

Vending Operations Manager

Serving since July, 2023.

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