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Vending Services

We place and service vending machines for free in the greater Las Vegas, NV area.
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Where convenience meets elegance.

We Are Excellent Listeners

Discover a new level of convenience with Skala Industries. Our vending machines feature QR code stickers that enable you to request specific snacks and beverages effortlessly. We will review your request and do our best to fulfill your cravings with our personalized service.


Scan, select, and enjoy!


Refunds Made Easy

At Skala Industries, we prioritize customer satisfaction with our innovative QR code stickers on all vending machines. Experience peace of mind knowing that if an item fails to dispense correctly, simply scan the QR code and request a refund. Our dedicated team will promptly verify the transaction details and ensure an easy refund process for you!

Your satisfaction is our priority.

Modern Payment Technology

Experience seamless transactions with Nayax VPOS Touch card readers equipped on all our vending machines.

Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures secure and efficient payment options at your fingertips, making your snack and beverage experience with Skala Industries effortless and convenient.


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How It Works: Our Vending Services
Our Base of Operations

Proudly Serving Las Vegas

As a small startup aspiring to grow nationally, we currently serve the greater Las Vegas, NV area. We are proud to serve Las Vegas with professional, superior services.

How It Works

Our Vending Services

Looking for a dependable vending machine company in the greater
Las Vegas, NV area?
Skala Industries provides FREE snack and beverage machines for your place of business at no cost to you!

  • Weekly Servicing (Restocking, Maintenance, Sanitizing)

  • 24 Hour Monitoring from our remote software

  • Quick Customer Service

Our Base of Operations: Las Vegas

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We know you, your team, and your clients would love easy access to refreshments. Don't keep everyone waiting. 

In the Press

Read stories about our services, team, company, and more.


"Young Local Entrepreneur, Nate Skala, Improving the Vending Industry in Las Vegas"

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